New jobs will be created here at Ashbridge Roofing as we support the latest government scheme to reduce long term unemployment.

The scheme provides funding to employers to create up to 30 six month job placements for people between 16 and 24 years old and currently receiving Universal Credit. The government will fund each placement, paying them national minimum wage for 25 hours a week. The scheme is running for 18 months in total.

Rob Cully, our General Manager, said: “It’s great we can get involved in this scheme organised by the government. It’s a difficult time for many at the moment, so if we can do our bit to support some young people into work, we knew it was the right thing to do.

“Often, getting your foot in the door and getting that all important hands on experience is the biggest barrier to finding employment, so this scheme will be the ideal way to help lots of people get six months’ worth of experience which will be so valuable to them in starting their career.

Aiming to support those at risk of long term employment, these placements will be for 25 hours per week, and as well as providing employment, our partner company Ongo Recruitment will also offer additional training and support to each of our new employees.

Richard Green, Ongo Recruitment Manager, said: “It’s brilliant that Ashbridge Roofing has agreed to get involved and support up to three young people into work for a six month placement. We have lots of our clients looking for construction type jobs, and being able to demonstrate you have experience is always so important when applying for these types of jobs.

“Ashbridge Roofing is well known locally, so to be able to add this placement to their CV will be absolutely brilliant when it comes to taking their next steps in their career.”