Are you a landlord in need of some domestic roofing work?

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No matter how many properties you manage, we’re here to help

  • Dedicated contract manager and single point of contact
  • SSSTS qualified supervisors for larger projects
  • Large and small projects
  • Investment strategies, stock condition surveying and asset management services
  • Responsive repair service
  • Dedicated, trained Tenant Liaison Officer
  • Damp and Mould surveys and rectification works
  • Thermal efficiency improvements, insulation and ventilation

All of our services except new roofs are suitable for landlords

How we serve as a domestic roofing contractor for landlords

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Roof repairs

Whether you have a roof leak, loose tiles, need a chimney repointing or any other roof repair, we can help.

With our 30 years of experience in the domestic roofing industry, we have repaired plenty of roofs in our lifetime.

We can replace broken roof tiles and slates on property and garage roofs – whether they are flat or pitched. We (re)point chimney stacks and ridge tiles and are also happy to fix and clean out damaged or leaking guttering and rainwater systems. We can also repair felt roofs, making them watertight and rainproof again.

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Making sure that your guttering is in good working condition is important to prevent walls, windows and foundations from becoming water damaged.

If you notice a leak in your guttering during heavy rain, it’s important to get this fixed as soon as possible – the longer you leave it, the worse the damage could get.

If you are not sure whether your guttering needs some work, we would be happy to pay you a visit, assess the situation and provide you with a report and, if needed, a no obligation quote to do the work.

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Joinery works

We can do all roofing joinery works that comes with your roofing project, or as stand alone jobs.

We can do all roofing joinery works, including truss roofs, frameworks, plinths, curbs, trusses, joists, rafting, pooling, collars and gutters.

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Fascia’s & soffits

We can repair, restore and replace fascias and soffits on your home.

We are expert fitters of soffits and fascias: we upgrade, install or replace them to a high quality and on any size project. In addition, we can also install and replace guttering.



A fascia is a long, straight board that you can see along the roof’s lower edge. It supports the bottom row of tiles and has the guttering attached to it. Fascia’s play an important part in stopping birds and rodents from entering your roof space.



A soffit is another long, straight board which is attached to the fascia and can be seen if you look up at the roof. Well-fitted soffits are as important as fascias, as they keep out the elements, such as rain and snow.

Not only do soffits and fascias protect your roof space, it also helps to improve your roof’s aesthetics.

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