Flat roofing

We are experts in flat roofing solutions and repairs for both domestic and commercial services.

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Ideal for new build and refurbishment projects

Flat roofing offers several benefits for both residential and commercial buildings. Firstly, it provides a modern and streamlined aesthetic that can enhance the overall look of a structure. Additionally, flat roofs can be more cost-effective to install and maintain compared to traditional sloped roofs. They offer extra usable space for rooftop gardens, solar panels, or HVAC equipment, optimizing the use of your property. Moreover, flat roofs are easier to access for inspections and repairs, reducing maintenance costs over time. With proper waterproofing and insulation, they can be highly energy-efficient, improving a building’s sustainability.

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The benefits of flat roofing solutions

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Single ply

Single ply roofing systems are known for their ease of installation, their lightweight and aesthetic finish, and their cost-effectiveness. Single ply waterproofing systems have become one of the most popular option for flat roof installations. These are some of the benefits of single ply roofing:

  • UV resistent
  • Fire retardant
  • Eco-friendly in comparison to more traditional roofing materials

We are approved Soprema, IKO and Alwitra installers for single ply roofing systems. By choosing Ashbridge Roofing, you are choosing experts to install your singly ply roofs. In addition to delivering high quality workmanship, you will also get warranties from the relevant manufacturers.

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Bitumen felt

Bituminous, or bitumen, felt is a cost-effective way to waterproof a roofs by using it as an underlay and tends to be used on flat roofs. Bitumen felt on a flat roof should have a long life if properly applied.

We are approved Soprema and ICOPAL contractors for bitumin felt systems. Soprema and ICOPAL are some of the best quality brands for bitumin felt systems and synthetic waterproofing systems in the United Kingdom. By choosing Ashbridge Roofing, you are choosing experts to install bituminous felt roofing. In addition to delivering high quality workmanship, you will also get a guaranteed longevity from Soprema and up to 20 years warranty from ICOPAL.

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