Kickstart to permanent – Karol’s journey at Ashbridge Roofing

Karol Kurpiewski started with us on the Kickstart Scheme in September 2021.

Kickstart is a government funded scheme which offers young people from the age of 16-24 a six-month paid work placement. Participants receive minimum wage for their age for 25 hours a week for the duration of the scheme.

Karol was working within the care sector before he found the opportunity to join us on a Kickstart basis.

While working in his previous role he realised that care wasn’t where he aspired to develop his career, he wanted to explore a new industry, which is how he found Ashbridge Roofing.

Although it was a big change for Karol, he loved this job right from the start as he was able to work as part of the team but also independently out on the road.

Karol said, “Everyone has been so supportive and helped me find something I was good at and given me the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and really feel a valued part of the team.’

Although Karol’s placement is due to come to an end in March, we was extremely happy to offer him full time permanent employment!

Rob Cully, Ashbridge Manager said, “Karol really demonstrated a great work ethic and was keen to learn. We wouldn’t be without him now and we’re pleased to have been able to offer him a permanent role.”

Karol was able to get his Kickstart job at Ashbridge with support from Ongo.

Karol said that the on- going support from his Ongo Kickstart Mentors, Raine and Clare has helped him so much, “I feel like a new person. I cannot thank everyone at Ongo and Ashbridge Roofing for this great chance in life.”

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